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Cat Accommodations

"We Will Treat Your Pet The Way We Would Want You To Treat Ours"
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Relax while you’re away, knowing your cat is having a blast and receiving the best possible care. At Littleton Pet Center each cat guest receives the same amount of love they get at home!


This means oodles of affection from our friendly and highly trained staff as well as the proper amount of rest in our comfy accommodations. We are extremely proud of our beautiful cat boarding facility, but even prouder of the level of care our staff provides.


Guest Policies

Cat Accommodation Details

Features & Amenities

Cats have special needs…and they need a destination that offers more than traditional cat boarding.

  • Homelike cat-condo room
  • Two-perch condos
  • Bright open rooms


Full array of fun activates to choose from:

  • Private one-on-one play sessions
  • Treat-filled toy
  • Painting for cats – Receive an original paw-painted picture by your own furry feline
  • Laser light play

Meal Information

We recommend that your cat continue on their current food. Please provide your cat’s regular food for each meal and any wet food you would like them to have. 

Special Needs

Prescription Medications are $2.00 per administration (1 AM, 1 Noon, 1 PM, = 3 administrations), insulin injections and pets that require special care $5.00 for prescription medication per administration, multiple pets that require separate feeding spaces are $5.00 per meal for each pet.

The following is a sampling of special needs that can be accommodated:

  • Medications
  • Supplements
  • Special meal preparation
  • Extra feeding times
  • Food from home
  • Water from home
  • Treats from home
  • Special handling care
  • Daily brushing

Medical Care – Littleton Area Veterinary Urgent Care offers urgent services during afternoon, evening and weekend hours (visit for hours of operations). If your pet should require medical attention while in our care, our customary procedure is to contact your veterinarian. Should the nature of your pet’s illness require an office visit, we reserve the right to utilize our veterinary service.”


For reservations at Littleton Pet Center please contact us directly at 603-444-6285.

You may request information on reservations online after normal business hours. We encourage you to make holiday and peak time reservations well in advance as we are frequently full at these times.

“We found Littleton Pet Center when we were looking for a facility to lodge our dog. We are so pleased with the care and attention she receives, we even leave her there when we go on other vacations, driving 6 hours round trip to drop her off and again to pick her up.” ~ Charles & Carolee Miller

For Reservations Call 603-444-6285